Creative Ways To Use Coupons

Couponing is a subculture that you can quickly get lost in. I mean, if you like that kind of thing. There’s even a famous show about it. Although the market is officially “recovering,” gas and grocery prices aren’t. This is not to mention prescription medication or extras like makeup, accessories, and cable. You might have even given up a luxury or two, but there’s a chance you didn’t have to. Good thing it’s never too late to save!

Creative Ways To Use Coupons 1

Where to Find Good Coupons

Before you know how to use coupons, you must know how to find the ones worth looking for. Either on T.V. or if you were supremely unlucky, in real life, I’m sure you’ve seen the people that go into a grocery store with bundles of coupons and come out having paid cents on the dollar for weeks worth of groceries. That takes skill and dedication to the extreme. Hence the title “Extreme Couponing.” But you can save a pretty penny by looking for coupons anywhere.


Ah, junk mail. My reason for getting up is to check the mailbox every day. What will it be today? Everyone likes a little mystery in their lives. Before you trash your junk mail or start making angry phone calls demanding to be taken off a mailing list, leaf through it. Sometimes, you can find some pretty good coupons. It’s also good for a laugh when you get a card offer from an unheard-of credit card company that trusts you so much they already put your name on the card.


Creative Ways To Use Coupons 2

What isn’t online today? I don’t know, but the answer isn’t coupons. They are everywhere. Go to your favorite items’ website and see if they have any promotional offers you can print. If you aren’t picky about brand names, some websites allow you to print free coupons.

Your Receipt

Always, always, always check your receipts. Companies are betting that you will throw it away without a second thought. Some stores offer apps that compare your ticket to the average prices and give you the difference in store credit if any items are cheaper elsewhere.

Rewards Programs

Creative Ways To Use Coupons 3

Another excellent way to receive exclusive coupons is to join a rewards program, many of which are free or cost very little. If anyone asks if you would like a membership card, ask if it’s free. If it is, get it! Some paid memberships are worth the fee and more. Third-party groups like Single Care partner with providers like Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS to save you money on usually expensive medications. How would you like a CVS Pharmacy coupon on Viagra that saves you as much as 80%?

Using Your Coupons

Everyone knows how to use a coupon. Sometimes, using coupons and discounts can be less than straightforward. You’re allowed to stack some but not others. Some you can’t use one if there’s a sale for the Item. Sometimes, you miss some fine print. This can become a hassle unless you devise a way to make it fun.

Make it a Game.

One of the book’s oldest tricks for getting work that you aren’t particularly

keen on doing is to make a game out of it. You can use the same practice with your family. Have your spouse and children compete to gather the best coupons. On shopping day, award prizes for different categories, like who saved the most or had the most relevant coupons. Not only is this an excellent way to share the labor load, but it can also be a bonding experience for the family.

Set Goals

Creative Ways To Use Coupons 4

Setting clear and concise goals is a proven way to get motivated. So, pick a plan. It can be anything from a new high in dollar amount saved to getting one item you’ve wanted for free. Once you achieve your goal, reward yourself! A night out or one spent on the couch watching your favorite movie with your family. Maybe you’ll make everyone else put up the groceries next week!

Set Restrictions

For some, a better motivator of creative thought is having a set of rules or restrictions they must work within. This method is my personal favorite. While it may seem counterintuitive, this forces you to think of different ways to accomplish tasks. You’ll be surprised at the solutions you didn’t know you had in your head!


It’s all about having fun at the end of the day and saving some scratch, so don’t stress too much over a missed sale here or an expired coupon there. Just go with it!