Useful Tips to Hire the Best Home Cleaning Service

A clean and hygienic home not only keeps your family healthy but also leaves a great impression on guests. You may have great interiors and excellent furniture, but all this is of no use if not cleaned properly. We all want a neat and clean home but don’t always have time to clean. It is, therefore, the best option to hire a house cleaning service.

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If you’re thinking of hiring a residential cleaning service to make your home shine, there are a few things to consider. Since you’re going to allow a stranger to enter the most private areas of your home, you need to be careful. It is crucial to find someone trustworthy not to take or break your stuff. Always remember that hiring someone who isn’t part of a formal cleaning service company can be cheap and very risky.

Considering all these aspects, finding the right home cleaning company may seem intimidating. However, by researching and asking the right questions to your potential home cleaning service, you could save lots of time, headaches, and money. Whether you want to hire a cleaning service to help you with regular cleaning tasks or for an annual spring clean, the following 6 tips will help you hire the right type of cleaning company for your needs.

1. Choose between Specialists and Generalists

First, you need to determine whether you need someone to clean the whole house or simply need cleaning of any specific area. Some specialists provide only specified services such as cleaning floors, windows, upholstery, carpets, or drapery. On the other hand, a general house cleaning service provides complete services weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. It is usually better to look for a company offering complete residential cleaning service.

2. Search Online Sources

First, take recommendations from friends and family. Now search online for the best cleaning services in your area. Once you find a few reliable looking service providers, make sure to check out their Yelp and Google reviews to see what others in your area are saying about the companies.

3. Hire bonded and insured service

The cleaning service you hire must carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Hiring an insured service provides peace of mind if a worker gets injured during a cleaning job or your expensive vase gets broken.

4. Products and equipment used for cleaning

The professionals you hire must have the latest tools, products, and industry know-how to clean even the toughest surfaces. They should come with their own cleaning products and tools, instead of using yours. Moreover, ask if the products they use are safe and non-toxic.

5. Background checks on staff

Ask if the company does background checks on their employees. The best residential cleaning company undertakes a careful screening process. So, make sure their staff undergoes drug screenings, and there is no case against them in state and local offender registries.

6. Get an estimate

Always ask the cleaning company or a cleaning lady to provide you an estimate of the cleaning services. Ask what services are included in the estimate and what are available at additional cost. It is better to have a flat fee, but if they work on an hourly basis, please clearly tell them your budget, which should not be exceeded.