Car Dealer Tips for Retaining Lifelong Customers

Starting a business is a task of huge responsibility. You invest your money, time and hard-work to make it thrive in the competitive sphere. The survival of your business does not merely depend upon the quality of products and services you provide but also on the relationship that you maintain with your customers. For every business owner, the ultimate aim is to grow bigger than before and to achieve this goal, it is natural to concentrate on new sales or to pursue new customers. But, it is never wise to lose your old friends while in search of new ones.

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The customers’ preference of different brands of clothes, phones, cars, etc., depends upon a lot of factors which go beyond the pricing and selection. If we specifically talk about car dealerships, there is more than one reason as to why customers stick to a particular brand. Here are a few car dealer tips for retaining lifelong customers:

Expand your family

Your old customers are the building blocks of your business. They have played an important role in helping you gain a firm footing in the market. Treat them like members of your business family as their loyalty towards you does not only make them come back to you but it also helps you in gaining new customers through them. Focus on your new sales but keep in touch with the existing clients through newsletters, messages and other means. You can also send them hand-written notes from time to time to make them realise that you haven’t forgotten them.

2. Keep it personal

As the owner of a dealership, it is understandable that you have to pay attention to many areas which keeps you busy. But, nothing works better than a personal contact with the customers to gain their trust. This small effort on your part can work like a magical spell that will make the customers feel important and valued. This feature can also make your dealership stand out in the crowd.

3. Utilise the under-utilised assets

Your employee base is your most under-utilised asset. Give your employees a reason to care by clearly defining the vital roles they play in gaining customer loyalty. Passionate and engaged employees can deliver personal customer experiences that can further attract more customers to your dealership.

4. Ask for Feedback

Internet is the new philosopher’s stone but it still can’t match the warmth of personal touch. Relate to your clients and make them know that their voices are important. Don’t wait for your customers to come to you; rather, reach out to them to know what all they liked and what are the areas that need improvement. This helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers.

5. Innovate

Find new and unique ways to connect with your customers. You can organise a yearly event for your clients where they can give their ideas and suggestions. You can keep them informed about the new discounts, incentives and reward programmes through these events. Small steps in the initial years can help your business take big leaps in the coming time.

6. Create a good experience

Maintain a customer-focused culture. The way the leadership treats the employees and the employees treat one another is what drives the customer experience. Customer retention begins within the dealership. Provide great service to your customers and be quick in resolving their issues. Good customer experience has to be ‘caught’ as it cannot be ‘taught’. So, continue to evolve your offerings in order to keep your business thriving.


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