Niger Insurance restructures funding portfolio to decorate liquidity, funding profits

Underwriting massive, Niger Insurance Plc has begun restructuring its investment portfolio to beautify liquidity and growth funding profits.

Niger Insurance

Niger Insurance

This also enhances compliance with regulatory requirements amidst a challenging and competitive commercial enterprise environment.

Yusuf Abubakar, chairman of the organization, disclosed this at the forty-seventh Annual General Meeting of the enterprise: “We have restructured our investment portfolio by reclassifying a few investment homes to ‘non-cutting-edge belongings held for sale.’

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He stated that the board remained centered as an accountable organ, offering management, corporate integrity, and judgment in directing the company’s affairs to attain perseverance with the agency’s prosperity and act in the fine hobby, primarily based on transparency, duty, and fairness.

While pointing out that the business environment will continue to provide demanding situations, he said it would navigate the route to fulfill its medium-term business strategies and preserve its potential to provide a free introduction for shareholders.

“Our primary focus will be to extend our consumer base and enrich them by presenting greater price-delivery products in a quicker and greater green manner.”

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The act of making an investment in, or spending money, time, and effort on an enterprise or a few other matters to create an income, first-rate defines investment. It could be Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Foreign Exchange, etc. Whatever its miles, there are regulations and courses to accomplish achievement in investments, which, when adhered to, result in attaining many extra heights of success.

Considering the huge quantity of dangers associated with maximum investments, it’s miles of crucial importance to understand the regulations and publications first, irrespective of one’s financial popularity, before one could interact with an investment of any type in any way, so as not to be an item of pity, due to a mistake, of now not going by using the regulations.

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According to specialists, the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) of the USA defines a person as an Average Investor if the person has $200,000 or more in annual income, $three hundred 000 or more in annual revenue as a pair, or $1 Million or greater on the internet worth. The SEC’s established requirements are to defend the common investor from some of the worst and most unstable investments within the international. These investor requirements also guard the common investor against some of the global’s exceptional assets, which is one principal reason one must be more than a mean investor.

As an awful lot, as tens of millions of desirous investors fall beneath average buyers, it might be unfair and discouraging to continually mention Average and Rich Investors without the poor buyers whenever subjects of investments arise. After all, each began from scratch. A gradual method that metamorphosed them into turning into what they are today. One does now not need to fear himself, supplied there may be life, there may be a wish for the not-unusual man, and plenty of investment opportunities beforehand. Hence, beginning out in an investment with minimal, less costly capital is surprisingly advocated for the negative investor. With prudence, little effort, time, wish, faith, and staying power, favored dreams would be performed.

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When one answers these questions efficiently and still desires to forge in advance in investing his cash in funding, he’s certified for the following achievement toward investment.

The type of investment that suits one depends on the existing investment sorts- Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Foreign Exchange, and so forth., the quantity of 1’s capital and one’s special hobby in specific investment kinds. All this preparation constitutes a guide to permitting him to recognize precisely the funding type that suits him.

The amount of capital required to start an investment depends on individuality and the nature of the funding. Capital shouldn’t be a primary problem here, as there are investments- stocks, possibly put money into with multiple cents. Hence, capital is honestly beside the point when considering penny shares. It should not be a discouragement from investing one’s cash in funding.


Investing entirely or together is completely one’s desire to make. Both investments exist. As a beginner, supporting each other is highly recommended. Considering the inherent dangers in assets that allow you to usually be shared, as it would, for the profit, investors consistent with the individual’s quantity invested are preferably suitable for a great start. However, investing completely is useful too. Even greater use-supplied one has all it takes to stomach the risks in one-guy investments. The investment profits from investing completely will never be shared with anybody aside from the sole investor, who handles all of it. Hence, the decision is left for one to consider suitability and comfort.

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Though the brilliant quantity of dangers is a concern in maximum investments, the larger the capital invested, the larger the probable risks. The bigger the money invested, the larger the likely funding earnings, depending on one’s funding technique. It depends on proportionality. The possibility of becoming a Rich, Average, or Poor Investor lies immediately at one’s doorstep. This is the final stage and manual toward a more alternate in a single’s financial status depending on one’s chance appetite. Hence, a formidable step, together with strict adherence to the guidelines and courses stipulated in this newsletter, turning into a rich investor is guaranteed.

Can You Invest $one hundred in Good Investments in 2011?

Yes, you CAN make small cash, like $one hundred, in a few excellent investments in 2011 and the future under positive times. Correct assets are supplied by using some of the pleasant fund groups designed initially for the small investor. Here’s how to invest in them.

Whether you invest $ hundred or $ hundred 000 in 2011 or later, you will want to open an account first. This means the birthday celebration you invest cash in will incur prices to open and carry your charge. Hence, even the pleasant fund companies have a minimum funding coverage. One-time funding of $100 isn’t always attractive or realistic for them. However, $100 or MORE monthly on an automatic funding plan is another tale. I propose you invest your money in the bank until you have some thousand coins in reserve. Then, when you have enough capital, $ hundred or $300 a month… Here’s how to spend money on various right investments called mutual finances.

Do no longer feel intimidated by the truth that you can only invest small amounts of money and know little about where or a way to support. If you start to invest money in 2011 in solid, excellent investments and retain on a month-to-month foundation, you’re on your way to a higher financial future. That’s why some of the biggest and most satisfactory fund agencies cater to small buyers with an AUTOMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN. Over time, small investors can accumulate much money in an IRA account. And the extra money you invest, the different cash fund groups make.

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You can find some of the bottom value and pleasant fund corporations by looking at the “no-load price range” online. See what they provide and their minimal investment for an automated funding plan (monthly investments). Then, name them toll-unfastened with any questions you have and ask for a starter package and information on the finances they provide. I recall being amongst the largest and most excellent fund companies: Vanguard, T Rowe Price, Fidelity, and American Century. You can invest in incorrect investments called mutual funds without paying income charges or “masses” in their no-load finances.

Normally, while you make investments using the monthly fund companies, have you ever filled out a shape that allows you to make money at once from your bank account? These plans aren’t contractual with the satisfactory fund businesses, so you must be capable of preventing withdrawals or cash in at will. Let’s observe how to make investments for 2011 and the past if you want a different portfolio of appropriate assets with the most effective mild hazard. We’ll say you want to invest $ hundred monthly into three specific budgets with an identical fund business enterprise.

Invest with $ 100 going to a widespread money marketplace fund, $ hundred to an intermediate-time period bond fund, and $100 to a trendy, diverse, huge-organization stock fund. This gives you a balanced portfolio of money marketplace securities, bonds, and shares. You’re then exactly to go along with good investments in all three simple asset instructions, and the universal portfolio threat is only slight. If you need a tax spoil while you make investments and collect money for retirement, keep an IRA account in mind. If you qualify primarily based on IRS regulations.

Otherwise, you could, in reality, have an account on your call-only or a joint statement with your partner, like in the bank. The mutual price range is a unique, accurate investment designed for investors who need assistance managing their cash. When you invest money in finances in 2011 and beyond, you choose the funds, and they do the rest. With excellent fund companies, your general investment cost can be less than 1% annually! Look no in addition to suitable investments, yr in and yr out.


A retired financial planner, James Leitz has an MBA (finance) and 35 years of experience in making investments. ForHevised person traders, working without delay with them for twenty years, supporting them to reach their economic goals.