Bamburi Cement finances Mombasa cancer remedy centre

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 10 – Bamburi Cement Limited, in partnership with Mombasa County, has set-up an Sh18 Million most cancers treatment center on the Coast General Hospital, turning into the second fully-fledged public cancer facility in Kenya.

The Bamburi Cement Cancer Centre, a first in Mombasa County, will see most cancers sufferers quite get entry to most cancers remedy and control services inside the larger Coast vicinity while lowering strain on the other two public cancer treatment facilities inside u. S. A . – Kenyatta National Hospital and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

The new facility has been hooked up with specialized cancer treatment machines and equipment, such as a chemotherapy hood, seven chemotherapy chairs, 3 consultation rooms, and a tablets guidance room.
Also, the power boasts of a remedy room, furniture, and numerous clinical fittings.

Bamburi Cement finances Mombasa cancer remedy centre 1

Bamburi Cement Acting Managing Director Eric Kironde said that the brand new facility would provide admission to cancer remedy and management offerings, however, offer convenience and remedy to patients while not having to journey to different cancer facilities outdoor the bigger Coast area for treatment.

“The unit may even see sufferers access specialized device along with remedy services, chemotherapy hood and also will serve as an information hub for cancer prevention information and a public sensitization facility,” Kironde stated.

Kironde additionally noted that inaccessibility to most cancers remedy has brought about the majority of the cancer patients missing the right remedy at the right time.

“Cancer is on the rise globally. This phenomenon is worse in low and middle-income international locations, which face a double burden of ailment attributable to the mix of communicable and non-communicable sicknesses and lack of getting entry to prepared cancer centers. Bamburi has routinely supplied free cancer screening services to the network at its Bamburi Cement Plant (Mombasa) medical institution. Together with efforts from the County Government, the cancer unit will now offer an opportunity for treatment to sufferers who test fine,” Kironde delivered.

They want to have a most cancers unit in Mombasa became first incepted in November 2016 through Bamburi Cement Limited and the Mombasa County government.

Construction started at the beginning of 2017 and was finished through mid-2017.

The County Government, which trained specialized doctors overseas in cancer remedy and control, may even oversee upkeep and charge of the team of workers at the Cancer Center.

“We thank Bamburi Cement for renovating and equipping the Cancer Center as this presents a great milestone to Mombasa County and could make sure that sufferers could have to get right of entry to specialized cancer remedy and management offerings in Mombasa. As the County Government of Mombasa, we have always put an excessive-priority toward the availability of superior healthcare offerings to our network along with the combat in opposition to cancer,” said Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

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According to the National Cancer Institute, there has been an increase in the range of most cancer patients from 20,000 in 2012 to 40,000 yearly, sparked with the aid of growth inside the number of undiagnosed instances and way of life habits.

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Bamburi Cement finances Mombasa cancer remedy centre 3

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