6 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for Your Cruise Honeymoon

Your honeymoon trip is obviously very special for you and your spouse. You don’t want to ruin it, and therefore, you do everything possible to make this experience special for you and your partner. Now, if you have booked a cruise honeymoon, then there are a few things that you should keep on your mind, so that it doesn’t get ruined due to un-requited circumstances.

The Do’s

  • You need to let the cruise line and the airline know that you people are on a honeymoon, and therefore get entitled to different offers and free items. Since, when you are on a honeymoon, they treat you specially, and, you receive special treatments and free items such as a drink, a cake or a gift.
  • When you are on the cruise, some people do have the tendency of falling sea sick, mostly people who haven’t been on ships earlier. If you start feeling something with your body, immediately consult the doctor on board, and don’t leave it till the last moment, when you start dehydrating by vomiting. It is advisable that the moment you start feeling nauseous or woozy, you should go to the doctor on board, and ask for possible remedies.
  • While you are on the cruise, avoid getting involved in quarrel with the crew and the cabin attendant. Always be polite with them, even if they have done a small mistake, which they are ready to rectify. The more you are polite to them, the happier they will be to serve you, and you can have a great experience while you are on the cruise. Particularly, be polite with the cabin attendant, since he is entitled to take care of you throughout the entire cruise, and therefore, you should have a good rapport with him.
  • No matter if you are in a honeymoon or a pleasure trip, but if you are travelling on water, then you must know the safety drills, since, accidents may happen any time, and therefore, you must be ready for it. You should know the lifeboat drills, so should your partner, and you should also know the exits points from the boat. Be smart, and know about the safety drills.
  • Do, check out the itinerary for the next day, and also check out which of the places you will be visiting the next day. Make the most out of the sightseeing trips conducted by, and included in the cruise. When you are in the boat, you should be especially aware of the timings.
  • Interact with the other fellow passengers on the cruise, and make new friends while you are on the boat, but you also need to make sure that you spend some alone time with your partner.

The Don’ts

  • While you are going on the cruise, don’t over pack. Just take one set of casual wear, and other set of formal wear. But, before packing in, do check the weather reports.
  • Don’t be late, since, punctuality is a must when you are in a cruise. If you are travelling alone in any port, know the time when the boat will sail again.
  • Be safe about your belongings, and hence don’t let your guard down.
  • Don’t forget to book the table in the restaurant beforehand.
  • Don’t lean over the rails on the cruise, and try to enact the scene from Titanic, in real life, because it’s dangerous.

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