How to Quickly Get Your Custom Piston

At times, an engine builder thinks off-beat to come-up with the most power and greatest durability, which needs something slightly different than standard shelf-stock pistons. The shelf stock piston has been built for a high-volume application, such as those pistons built for a traditional small-block Chevrolet engine.

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A custom piston may sound somewhat ambiguous. In simple words, it enables builders to customize pistons for their application. This is to enhance pre-existing shelf pistons with some changes, like a fairly bigger or smaller bore size, different ring pack dimensions, or the adding up gas ports.

However, a small order of custom pistons may take a long time as a piston manufacturer first finishes big production work. Racers and engine builders certainly don’t like to wait for months and want their custom piston in the quickest possible time.

Pistons are often replaced after racing seasons and some high-horsepower street applications. A considerable amount of engineering time can be saved if you have a pre-existing shelf part close to the desired custom for reference. There’s a possibility that you will find your custom piston in the archives of the manufacturer, which can save time in getting another set for your racing program.

Here are a few simple ways to make the customs process faster to save your time.

Identify your goal

You call “location” in real estate, known as “application” in custom pistons’ terminology. So, you should ideally begin the task by identifying your goal. This means whether you’re looking to reduce weight, get a longer connecting rod, or increase the strength. Identifying your purpose is fundamental to proper design.

Accurately filling the custom form.

A piston is a vital part as it somehow impacts every important internal engine component. The manufacturer of your custom piston requires every detail, from the crankshaft, connecting the rod to valvetrain measurements. You are required to fill a form for ordering custom pistons. This form actually helps in speeding up the process. The common application information you need to provide includes engine-related details, like a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous. The horsepower you need, the crankshaft stroke, connecting rods’ length, intended compression ratio, etc.

Send a Sample

Although you have filled a detailed custom piston form to provide complete details of an automotive piston’s complex dimensions, send a sample. For racers and teams with a tight timeline, some manufacturers offer the fastest production time. You may ask for an expedited program wherein a maximum 5-day your custom gets ready at an additional premium.

This is how you can get the custom piston most quickly. Usually, custom pistons are enhanced by altering the depth or changing the valve pockets’ position, or adjusting the ring lands’ width or location. The best Custom Pistons manufacturer in the industry provides the custom piston quickly, and you need to find that one. The top custom piston manufacturer employs an expert team of technicals to help you through this technical process. Their Custom Series pistons are used in some of the fastest cars in the world. They will guide you with every technical issue, measurements, and other performance data.