Missed Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing Deadline? What To Do

August 5 turned into the ultimate date to document profits tax go back (ITR) for FY2016-17 without paying any penalty. You could still report your earnings tax if you missed the cutoff date. But when you have unpaid tax liabilities, you must pay penal interest on them. You ought to pay penal interest on outstanding tax liabilities at the charge of 1 in line with a cent in step with the month. If the income tax branch increases any additional tax demand than what you already paid as TDS, you must pay a penalty hobby. Travel Knowledge

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Income Tax


However, you cannot avail yourself of a few tax advantages, like wearing ahead of capital losses over the next assessment years. Income tax rules in India permit loss underneath the head’ capital profits’ to be a spark off against any profit underneath the ‘capital profits’ authority within the following assessment years.

Prepare Income Statement

The Income Statement is likewise frequently referred to as a Profit and Loss Statement and, much less typically, a Statement of Operations, an Earnings Statement, or an Operating Statement, depending upon the enterprise or geographic vicinity in your function. Our functions they’re all one and equal.

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“an employer’s economic assertion that shows how the revenue (money received from the sale of services and products earlier than costs are taken out, additionally called the “pinnacle line”) is transformed into the net earnings (the result of all sales and expenses had been accounted for, additionally called the “bottom line”). It presents the revenues identified for a particular period and the cost and fees charged against those sales, consisting of write-offs (e.g., depreciation and amortization of diverse assets) and taxes. is”

Clear as mud? Here is some other way to look at it. Suppose you don’t forget from our lesson on the balance sheet and retained profits. In that case, the balance sheet represents, at one given second in time, a business enterprise’s property (the whole lot it owns that has cost) much less its liabilities (the entire lot it owes or to value it cash in the destiny) to get at its equity (the internet fee of the enterprise). What the profits statement does, combined with the announcement of the owner’s fairness, is to inform the story of the alternate in a stability sheet over some time.

Let’s boil this down to the simplest degree and forget about everybody out there screaming out exceptions that most of you don’t observe as marketers and owners of small companies. Your Net Income (the lowest line of your earnings statement) needs to be equal to the growth (or minus the decrease) for your belongings over the year minus the boom (or plus the lower) for your liabilities plus any coins paid out to the owner.

Now consider this: elevated belongings make you feel glad, proper? After all, they represent objects that have value to the enterprise, which must bring you cash in the future. Increased liabilities have to make you a little uneasy. Your liabilities are cash that you will have to pay out in the future so that you can make you unhappy. I hate paying money. However, I sure love getting it! Maybe it is why my spouse calls me a reasonably-priced sonofabitch. Now, your distributions are cash, which you have already taken out, giving you happiness at some point in the beyond. So truely, internet profit are your usual growth in future happiness, much less the increase in destiny disappointment and the quantity you’ve already taken out in past happiness!

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The income announcement is the single most critical critical signal of the health of your enterprise. If profit is right, greater assets may be positioned to apply for the business, and extra cash may be dispensed to the proprietors. The turn side is that once income is poor, which means you have a loss, you’ll have much less money to take from your commercial enterprise as distributions; you’ll need to support your operations by selling off property or growing liabilities.



If you’ve got accounting software, like QuickBooks, you may get a simple presentation as part of the package. Honestly, in all corporations, the income statement starts with sales and ends with costs. Suppose your agency is both manufacturing or retail-associated. In that case, the simple presentation is Sales – Cost of Sales (additionally referred to as Cost of Goods Sold) = Gross Income – Sales Expense, Operating Expense, and all other costs + earnings not from ordinary operations (which includes the gains at the sales of assets except inventory or interest profits) – expenses not from regular operations (including taxes, even though I would keep in mind taxes quite ordinary) = Net Income.

Oh my God! I’ve grown to become a geeky-accountant brilliant nerd on you men! Look, displays vary wildly from enterprise to industry and from one set of accounting standards to the next. If you want to give the statements to others, you may probably get an accountant to position them collectively. So, place them collectively in a way that makes the experience for you and enables you to find the statistics you want.

What is Revenue

Now that we know the internet earnings let’s take a peek under the hood to look at some gory details. The simple earnings declaration is split among items that have made you cash or will make you cash inside the destiny, profits or sales, and objects that priced you cash or will cost you money or expenses. As you may imagine, we must maintain close tabs on the one’s warm, fuzzy revenues to nurture and make them develop and thrive. Therefore, we lump the sales on the top of the page. Your revenues can be divided via essential products or divisions to offer the readers of the income assertion with extra data. Finally, a few gadgets are usually segregated from the general revenue objects because of their unusual nature, including unrealized advantage or loss on assets, realized profits or losses on property, interest income, etc.

What is an Expense

Expenses are the Devil, prying money from your wallet now or within the destiny. Every enterprise has to address the Devil as a way to operate, but we need to keep the music of those offers to realize how much of our soul we still have left! As you may consider, we further segregate fees into sub-categories. Cost of Goods Sold (or Cost of Sales) is the cash you spend to purchase or make the product you promote. General and Administrative Expenses are greater peripheral objects that pop up while walking a commercial enterprise. Your accounting software program, wages paid to the janitor or the secretary, and Internet provider for the workplace are essentially things that cannot be directly attributed to the acquisition or manufacture of your product.

How To Prepare Your First Income Statement

If you use QuickBooks or every other accounting program, it is reputedly easy to position the earnings assertion collectively. The trouble with most of those programs is that they can’t tell youn you placed garbage in them. So, you must look at your income assertively following the steps below.

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At the end of the year, I move down my stability sheet line by line and make sure each quantity feels right to me. That is step one of an auditor if you get your statements audited. I like looking at, at minimum, two periods side by side because inconsistencies are more obvious that way. Make any modifications that you need and circulate them to Step Two.

I’ve already written about this in detail in another article, but essentially, your retained income is the bridge between your stability sheets for the present day and prior intervals. Any alternate should be reflected in retained profits, returning the product of your earnings plus any capital contributions and less wealth distributions. So if you may get the proper variety for any money that you took out (other than wages, with a purpose to move onto the earnings assertion and for which you may pay payroll taxes) or positioned into the enterprise, then you could isolate the trade-in retained income due to internet earnings. Can you parent those out? Any closing alternate in internet property must be due to net income. Now you’ve got your internet earnings, and if you are using accounting software, you must test your wide variety of internet earnings with the quantity you calculated. If they don’t fit nicely, you’re screwed, and I can’t assist you anymore. No, I’m simply kidding; you may need to adjust your income on the earnings statement to match.


Now plug the number that ranges into the lowest line of your profits announcement and start filling in the information. When you’ve got the whole thing in, however, it does not general up, then plug the difference, if it’s minor enough, into a Miscellaneous Expense or Miscellaneous Income account. Don’t worry—your accountant does that all the time!