Go long in Vedanta, sell Indiabulls Real Estate: Sandeep Wagle

Consistent with Sandeep Wagle, Founder & CEO at powermywealth.Com, you can actually cross lengthy in Vedanta and sell Indiabulls Real Property.

Sandeep Wagle, Founder & CEO at powermywealth.Com, informed CNBC-TV18, “A purchase in a Vedanta to play the marketplace each method. The metal area is calling desirable; I’d need to headlong in Vedanta with a stop loss of Rs 240, the target of Rs 252.”

“A sell in Indiabulls Actual Property, that is displaying weak point, some greater trading downside is what I’m able to see inside the coming few days. Maintain prevent lack of Rs one hundred fifty and goal of Rs 135,” he added.

Ken Long


Dr. Ken Long is a retired Military lieutenant colonel and proud father of 3 awesome youngsters. He’s an Assistant Professor at American Military Command and Widespread Body of workers University; He is Director of Research for Tortoise Capital Control, an economic Studies firm with global and institutional clients. He earned his Doctorate of Control (Organizational Development) at Colorado Tech College; he coaches competitive Top-rated adolescents soccer, is a black belt in judo and jujitsu, and is a certified instructor in Military Combatives. Longs peak rescue.

Ken’s interests consist of: investing, trading, martial arts, sports, Management, creativity, spirituality, Buddhism, and Taoism.

An Airborne Ranger who has earned the Combat Infantryman Badge

Ken is a recognized professional in the area of leadership, crisis management, and systems questioning. He discovered management inside the discipline and in Navy faculties as an enlisted soldier and then as an officer below the tutelage of notable sergeants and officials for the duration of his navy profession.

He’s professional in systems wondering, having earned a Masters of Science in structures Management from the College of Southern California, and in the practical application of idea as an Army logistician.

Ken is a sought after speaker close to trading the stock markets. He specializes in the Improvement of simple, robust intermediate and brief time period buying and selling systems that use Exchange Traded Budget.

His consulting clients encompass global banks, hedge Funds, mission capitalists.

And private equity managers. His weekend seminars for professional traders normally sell out months in advance.

Ken has a set of each day and weekly e-mail reports that alert subscribers to excessive probability trading possibilities that everyone can take gain of without formal education or specialized expertise.

His proudest accomplishment is being a father to three amazing youngsters who educate him approximately life regularly.

His goals inside the region of spirituality consist of the daily exercise of sitting to cultivate mindfulness. He attempts to carry to regular sports, with true take care of anyone he meets.

Sharing My Knowledge on Vedanta – Bondage

Vedanta’s look eliminates the veil and enables us to apprehend that ‘I,’ the Self, which isn’t affected by the Maya and do now not need us to be like a cocoon, getting caught in this web of samsara!


The ‘Self,’ the para madman, is asserted in Vedanta as endless (of the area, time, and item) and void of variations (gender, shade, dimensions), but the restricted belief of oneself Vedanta is referred to as jiva-bhava. I enjoy the ‘Self’ in this flesh as being confined by way of the space wherein I stay, the time I live close to my frame’s lifestyles and see myself as one-of-a-kind from the opposite objects available touch with within the outdoor world. This notion is Jiva-Bhava in Vedanta.Vedanta company

3 sorts of boundaries

Vedanta announces the ‘Self’ as ‘Nitya-buddha-buddha-Mukta,’ i.e. ‘Eternal, pure, awakened, loose’ not understanding, now not comprehending, not realizing this’ Self’ in us – the notion is constrained by way of the area (data), time (Kala) and item (vats).Vedanta Cambridge

Spatial Dilemma: The ‘Self’ is all-pervading, but in the ignorant nation, I say that ‘I’m in a such and such area,’ ‘I’m at paintings,’ I am at home’ and many others, but in reality, we don’t have any barriers, and we’re anywhere. This way of considering oneself as a speck in the cosmos is spatial Trouble.

Temporal Limitation: The ‘Self’ is Nitya, Eternal – is never born and in no way dies. Again because of lack of knowledge, I limit myself when this body is born via the grossification of mantras and dissipates into the 5 factors at the time of demise. This notion of limiting one inside a time frame is a temporal Drawback.

Objective Quandary: The ‘Self’ in me is the same as the ‘Self’ in each different being and items outdoor of my physical body. The Self is all-pervading, One acting as many, but I enjoy myself exceptional from different worldly items due to now not understanding this. The perception of seeing oneself as specific from others is an objective Dilemma.

Three types of differences

Our mind perceives 3 forms of variations, additionally is aware of as beads in Sanskrit. They may be:

Sajatiya-bed, Vijaya-bed, and Seagate-bed.

Sajatiya-bed: That is the distinction among the objects of the same species like a man and a female, between men as to their peak, weight, and so forth.

Vijaya-bed: That is the difference that the thoughts see between two specific species of a person & an animal, and between animals like a rat & a cat or a snake & lizard.

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Seagate-bed: This refers to the difference that the mind sees inside an item like the arms to legs to eyes and ears in a man or animal frame.

Results of bondage as described in Vivek Chud Amani

Sankaracharya describes the meaning of bondage very surely in Vivek Chud Amani.

1. Bondage is the notion that Atman is anatman: Atman is Sat-Cit-Ananda (lifestyles- attention-Bliss), and anatman is inert (immobile) in all 3 states of Chula, sucks ma and katana sari without the guide of Atman. due to the lack of knowledge of the understanding of the ‘Self,’ one tends to trust that the Atman is anatman, i.e., the Self is the gross, subtle and causal body, which leads to bondage.

2. Bondage arises from the lack of understanding

This false impression of the Self (not understanding the actual nature of the Self) to be the not-Self (anatman) is tad atm ya, which is the motive of bondage. Much like with the lack of awareness of the weaker self, I dream of myself being the dream self, as being something that I’m no longer, so too on this existence, we’re all in a dream country without understanding our genuine Self. The ‘Self’ is Sat-Cit-Ananda, but we grasp directly to everything perishable. Due to this attachment to the impermanent, suffer, grieve and disappoint looking for happiness in them whilst we are the supply of happiness.Newsday long island

3. Bondage is the reason for the start & loss of life: The Self is ever gifted and has no starting or cease, but because of the misapprehension, we task the start & death on the ‘Self.’ We additionally experience the brief pleasures of ache & pleasures inflicting the cycle of start & death due to now not understanding the nature of the genuine Self.

Indiabulls Golf City – Your Perfect Country Home


Indiabulls Golf City popularly referred to as Interbulls Golf city, Kholipoli, is located at Savroli Mumbai near Khopoli, Mumbai-Pune freeway. It is one of the formidable tasks through Indiabulls. The developers are well-reputed within the actual property enterprise in India, and subsequently, several buyers and domestic seekers take pastimes and placed their faith in Indiabull’s tasks. It gives a wide variety of offerings, multifaceted functions, and a myriad of amenities. Positioned on Mumbai’s outskirts, this luxurious assignment from this real estate massive shall cowl around 350 acres of lush green expanses and shall offer high-quality surroundings for residing. This residential challenge caters to the residential requirement of city Indians who’re seeking out satisfactory international centers and facilities in their future houses.

Moreover, the venture offers a perfect possibility to those folks who dream of relaxing inside the pristine atmosphere amidst the greenery and tranquillity. Even though the whole thing about this mission could be very bold, its most convincing function is its position as it’s miles planned fantastically at the natural slopes of the Sahayadri Mountains range. Add to that is the first-rate lifestyle, opulence, and entertainment future dwellers can bask in within these calm settings. What extra can someone can ask for whilst trying to find the comfy home for his or her cherished ones!

A few interesting features

An 18-hole government Golfing course designed using Phil Ryan is a robust attraction of the Indiabulls Golfing metropolis. Golf fans and health freaks are going to like the vicinity because it homes a well maintained clever Golfing direction. Who can then ignore the lovely possibility of offering a super education for their youngsters in this unpolluted environs? The Indiabulls Golfing town Khopoli is in clean get right of entry to many exceedingly reputed academic institutions. Similarly, dwellers need now not fear approximately other critical services, including nation-of-the art medical centers, entertainment venues, and transportation, amongst others. Prestigious establishments like Dhirubhai Ambani Medical institution and JH Ambani Faculty are very close to this upcoming assignment. The venture is quite simply related to the city via the Mumbai – Pune expressway. Moreover, there may be a proposed worldwide airport and Trans-harbor hyperlink to connect 4 foremost hubs, 1 Km from Khalapur Station, making this project a promising choice. India bulls securities

State of the artwork Hotels

The Indiabulls Golf town Khopoli offers dwellers pick out from luxury terraced houses and pick out personal villas to match their requirements and fulfill their desires. You have got the option to pick out from the nicely designed high-priced and spacious 1 BHK, 2 BHK, three BHK, and 4 BHK duplex apartments. These types of residences are built with a high-quality view of your consolation and convenience amidst the herbal settings. Choosing this region may give your circle of relatives and youngsters a safer and cleaner area to stay and develop. Upload for your comfort; the city gives a relaxation region within the form of an in-residence multi-cuisine eating place, bar, and cafĂ©. Then, sit back your holidays and amusement within the stunning swimming pool, 1 Lac sq. feet. The clubhouse has a gym and spa. And eager Golfing newcomers, there is a Golf Academy to a good way to examine the game’s nuances.bulls sec