Hiring an armored vehicle provides extra security at an economical cost. If you’re considering traveling cheaply, it’s certainly not your option. But if you know you might be a target, you can consider alternatives. That’s why armored vehicles are not a suitable choice for everyone.

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Although the crime rates in South Africa are high, hiring an armored vehicle for your trip is unnecessary. Whether or not to hire an armored car depends completely on the user. Throughout the history of security, armored vehicles have successfully saved numerous lives. Therefore, there’s no doubt they are a worthwhile investment. Sometimes, an armored vehicle can mean a big difference between the life and death of an individual. However, the cost factor plays a major issue for many individuals and organizations.

If you want to choose one for your trip, many options exist. On the one hand, the B3 can protect the occupant from any attack of 9mm ammunition. On the other hand, there are B6 and B7 protection levels. These are capable of protecting the occupant from 7.62 mm ammunition. They are useful when withstanding heavy gunfire and grenades.

Among the available options, the most popular one is the B4. It provides well-rounded protection. It protects from 9mm caliber bullets and 44 magnum, the most cost-effective in the current market.

With the above knowledge in mind, is such a level of security necessary? The answer might be No. Such a deposit is rarely needed for an individual for travel purposes. Day-to-day traveling doesn’t require such a high level of protection. However, if you’re one of these following individuals, consider investing in one of them as they might be needed.

1. An individual carrying highly valued items.

If you carry precious items such as diamonds, gold, or other expensive jewelry, hiring an armored vehicle might come in handy. This also includes someone who is moving large volumes of cash.

2. An individual traveling to specific high crime rate areas or regions.

There are some regions where the crime rate is very high, so it’s preferable to hire an armored vehicle, especially if you are traveling through the night. During an ambush, the armored vehicle might be your lifesaver.

3. A high-profile individual or political person.

High-profile individuals and political figures are often the targets of many attacks. So, if you’re one of them, consider hiring an armored vehicle. Numerous high-profile individuals and political figures have been assassinated throughout history due to armored vehicles’ unavailability.

4. An individual carrying intel or other information about a specific threat

Such individuals also require armored vehicles as they are possible targets of assassination.

However, not all individuals will require such protection. With a team of professional drivers and bodyguards, it will do the job.