12 Tips to Prevent Bunk Bed Injuries

Bunk beds are a great option for the house in terms of saving space and having a fun sleeping area for your kids. However, several accidents could occur, especially if young children are involved. Listed below are 12 tips that can help you prevent bunk bed injuries in your home. These tips fall under three categories- behavior around bunk beds, bunk bed construction, and the placement of the bed itself-

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  1. Safe behavior around bunk beds- for accidents to be minimized, you need to set a few rules with your kids that will ensure their safety. Some of these are-
    1. If you have very young children under the age of six, make sure that they are not left alone in a room that has a bunk bed without adult supervision. They may explore out of curiosity and end up falling off the top bunk, sustaining injuries.
    2. Don’t let more than one child be on the top bunk as playful fighting could result in falls.
    3. Disallow the hanging of wire-like objects such as belts and skip-ropes as these could harm your child and pose a strangulation hazard
    4. Lastly, make sure to reiterate these rules time and again to your children and their friends in the case of a sleepover. Repeating yourself will ensure that it is constantly on their minds, and accidents will be less likely to happen.
  2. Safety bunk bed construction– for your bed to be safe for your children to sleep in, it is first and primarily important for it to be constructed properly and adhering to all the safety standards that are currently prescribed. Listed below are a few basic guidelines you should follow-
    1. Install guardrails on the top bunk that will prevent the child from rolling off. Ensure that the opening to climb up and down is not too wide, usually not more than 15 inches.
    2. To protect your child, especially at night, ensure that the guardrails are at least five inches higher than the surface of the mattress. They should be made of strong and sturdy material that can withstand the weight of your child’s body pushing against them.
    3. The mattress that you use on the bunk bed should be exactly fitted to the measurements and not too small or big for the bed’s size. Bear in mind that this should also apply to the bed below
    4. The ladder that kids use to climb up and down the top bunk should also be made of sturdy material and not have any obstacles on the way.
    5. Additionally, make sure that there isn’t a corner post or jutting part on the top bunk that can cause the child’s clothes to get caught in when getting down.
  3. Safe Bunk Bed Placement- placing your bunk bed in the right part of the room can go a long way in reducing accidents.
    1. Do not place the bed under a ceiling fan or light where the child on the upper bunk is prone to get hurt
    2. Never place the bed against a window.
    3. Lastly, ensure that when your child sits up, his/her head does not hit the ceiling of the room.

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