Personal Income Tax on Russian Expatriates

I changed into operating in Russia till June 2010, after which I got here and commenced full-time employment in Cyprus. I have paid thirteen% Russian profits tax on my remuneration in Russia. Top Theto

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Will I have to claim and pay any income tax in Cyprus on my Russian income, and on what foundation my Cyprus remuneration will be taxed?

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Since you have accumulated over 183 days in Cyprus at some point in 2010, you’re a de facto Cyprus tax resident and may be taxed in your worldwide earnings in keeping with Cyprus Income Tax Law. You may also document your Income Tax Return with the Cyprus Inland Revenue Department (IRD) by the thirtieth April 2011. Applicable to your case are the Cyprus Income Tax Law 118(I)/2002 and the 1998 Treaty between Cyprus and Russia.

Firstly, while filling for your Income Tax Return shape IR.1, Part 4(A1), you may have to claim the name of your Russian organization, kingdom that the profits you acquired was from sources outdoor Cyprus (whilst running for a non-resident organization), the number of months in Russia, the gross earnings received and the tax withheld. Likewise, you will have to complete the same form of facts to your Cyprus employment, this time indicating that income becomes derived from the supply in Cyprus and which you had been non-Cyprus-tax-resident earlier than. Finally, in finishing Part 4(A2), you will have to indicate the date you got here in Cyprus. At the same time, you started your employment, and the combination wide variety of days you resided outdoor Cyprus earlier than starting employment.

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Secondly, there are two earnings factors for your case: income from employment in Russia, which was already taxed at thirteen%, and income from employment in Cyprus. The first element of your earnings, the employment earnings in Russia, might be tax-exempt as consistent with Art.36(5) of the Cyprus Income Tax Law (i.E. The “ninety-day rule”). That is to say, it’s going not to be taken into consideration whilst computing your tax liability, and you will no longer pay Cyprus tax on the Russian employment profits element. Regarding the Cyprus employment profits, it’ll be taxed at the progressive tax fees as according to Art.25, Schedule 2 of the Income Tax Law.

We need to make an aspect observe right here, and say that if the earnings you received from Russia was no longer from employment however from other non-employment services, then you will be allowed to claim a tax credit score in Cyprus for the amount of tax paid in Russia, in keeping with the 1998 Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Russia (Art.23(2)) and concern to the provisions of the Cyprus Income Tax Law.

Finally, the ones taking employment or workplace in Cyprus for the first time have to understand that the Income Tax Law presents 20% exemption (with a most of €8,550) at the remuneration received in Cyprus for a duration of 3 years beginning 1st January following the yr whilst employment started.

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