Turmoil of World Economy – A Blessing In Disguise?

In recent months, I have literally received hundreds of emails that have requested that I speak or write about our economy’s current state. I was particularly asked what my opinion is about acquiring precious metals and living independently of the grid. Regarding the latter, I have personally taken steps to be energy-independent by installing solar panels. We also have our own water source and grow our own foods, and for the winter months, we use a small greenhouse to provide some essential foods. Being a vegan/vegetarian makes it easy to be nearly self-sufficient concerning food.

Turmoil of World Economy - A Blessing In Disguise? 1

If possible, I recommend that people move away from areas of high or dense population to more rural areas where they have access to arable land and clean, natural water. If that’s not possible, try to find a small piece of land where you can grow your own food. Many people now convert their lawn into a vibrant vegetable garden.

Many years ago, I had predicted the emergence of what I call the ‘spiritual economy,’ which is to evolve from the ashes of our current, purely materialistic economy. I perceive the massive decline of our economy and the imminent collapse of the hollow values that uphold it (largely debt-based) as an inevitable step to birth the new, love-based, life-promoting economy where everyone will benefit from generated waves of prosperity, not just a select few.

We are collectively transitioning out of an unsustainable state of existence where we rely on things like fiat paper money that is being printed faster than we can think; medications that are designed to make us sicker by the minute so that we will spend more money on trying to regain our health; foods that are nutritionally worthless and make us crave and overeat them even more; water that is poisoned by the super-toxic fluoride, hormones, plastic particles and radiation from dumped nuclear waste material. We irradiate our food with microwaves and our brains with radio waves emitted from cell phones and other high tech devices. We stop talking to each other because it is more fun to send text messages, day and night, and be entertained by video games and an endless number of TV programs.

We let ourselves be hired for pay and then pay part of what we have earned to a hired organization called the ‘government’ that somehow has assumed the role of dictating how we can and cannot live our lives. This government is allowed to use our money to run a Ponzi scheme that accrues a tremendous amount of debt that can never be repaid. To keep the scam going, the masses are forced by law to pay into it (taxation) without getting much in return, except progressive destruction of the economy, the bankrupting of the housing market, an ever-expanding sickness industry that promises cures but kills more people each year than those who die from all other causes of death combined, and endless wars that have nothing to do with protecting us against an invading enemy, except to provide or secure access to foreign oil, gas, water, and other natural resources that make the most wealthy even wealthier.

Our planet and its inhabitants are on the brink of extinction. What politicians and economists refer to as healthy economic growth is now fiction. Huge amounts of fiat money are being moved from one hand to another, from one organization or company to another, from one country to another. Still, all this means that someone gets wealthier while another becomes poorer. A true health economy benefits everyone, not just a selected few.

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Today’s so-called ‘economic growth’ is now largely based on fixing problems. For example, the sickness industry is undergoing a massive growth that funnels vast amounts of money into the hands of a few corporate giants while impoverishing those who happen to fall ill. Health insurance premiums go up as more people get sick. Drug companies make sure to produce medicines that don’t cure anyone but just suppress the disease’s symptoms for a little while; their continued prosperity depends on a steadily increasing number of repeat customers. Insurance companies thrive in times of calamities. More people sign up for flood and wind insurance after seeing others’ homes being destroyed by floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Food shortages are increasing, and food prices are rising. The rest of the foods that don’t go up in price are heavily subsidized by taxpayers’ money. Massive bailouts of failing banks that make money off others in distress are further eroding the value of the currency and, therefore, the economy. Clever Wall Street investors spend a lot of money to make a lot more money, all out of thin air. But someone is going to lose whatever they win. Considering the entire economy, there is no real benefit in shifting wealth from one entity to another.

Creating poverty, which sows the seeds of crime, is a very lucrative business that serves ‘economic growth.’ We spend billions of dollars each year on incarcerating people and keeping them there. It costs $40,000 – $60,000per year to house and feeds one prison inmate. In the US, we have over 2,000,000 prisoners. That’s a staggering $80,000,000,000 being ‘invested’ in the economy. The US has also spent $1.2 trillion on wars since 2001, money that could have easily eradicated the most severe poverty on the entire planet.

Economic growth measured by how much money is being spent on creating or maintaining social-economic problems is economic regression, not economic progress. And there is a natural limit to such economic regression. The gap between the rich and poor widens by the minute, and it a just a matter of time before the masses will revolt to assure their own survival and that of their families. The more we waste our energy and resources on controlling or fixing problems, the more likely we will have to face even more of them. As the old saying goes, like attracts like. We can forget about reaching the end of the current recession so that everything can go back to ‘normal.’ What’s considered normal is not good enough anymore. Humankind deserves to move on.