5 Things you should know about multicultural marketing

Migrants living in a new country represent a different kind of lifestyle and culture. They are akin to using different kinds of lifestyle products, with unique value systems. Marketing targeted at these groups is often known as multicultural marketing, ethnic or diversity marketing.

5 Things you should know about multicultural marketing 1

1. What is Multicultural Marketing?

One’s culture largely shapes the lifestyle and the products and services they consume and the preference towards certain brands, companies, and experiences. Marketing discipline that aims to communicate with people from a different cultural background from the country they are residing in is called multi-cultural marketing.

2. Why is it needed?

It is claimed that when a person’s sentiments regarding their culture are touched and their language used, they are more convinced and willing to buy a product or service. This has also been studied by the Rotterdam School of Management, which showed positive results of the emotional intensity of advertising language.
Moreover, migrants take around 5 years to become integrated into the new country, and multicultural marketing is very productive during this time period. Also, this strategy opens up a wider consumer base for the company, which means more profit. With the world becoming more integrated and increasing migration in the globalized world, many companies have seen a positive effect of appealing their product and services to ethnic consumers.
One needs to understand the needs of the diverse cultural groups and tweak their promotional activities accordingly. Different cultures value different symbols, colors, and tropes, which should be kept in mind while advertising. A universal approach may not always work in a multicultural marketplace.

3. How to Start With Multicultural Marketing?

Such marketing can be initiated by running a market research experiment with the target audience. Different migrant communities can be chosen- Hispanics in the U.S., the Indian community in the U.K. and Canada, etc.

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The research can be conducted in many ways. One can go out for lunch and observe what products or features people are more inclined towards. This can also be noted at, say, an ethnic concert or a festival or party. An online poll can also be created for queries by multicultural online visitors.

4. Where to Focus

There are 2 main things on which one can focus their efforts on. Either by picking up on existing sales that are popular amongst ethnic consumers and building on them, or research whether their new product fits with the target group’s needs and requirements.

5. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

To ensure customer satisfaction, one should focus on closing the loop, i.e., providing value to the customer for that product or service all the way. In case after-sales service is required, it is a good idea to have at least some customer service reps who know the people’s culture and speak their language. Investing in a multicultural marketing campaign and product requires huge effort and resources; it is important to anticipate the repercussions and avoid any backlash.

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