Top 5 Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Finding a reliable roofing contractor can be challenging when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof. Hiring a roofer to tackle roof repairs or perform full-on roof replacement is not as easy as it might seem. Roof replacement is a major investment, so you must find a professional who will do the job correctly.

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You will probably need to replace your roof every 20 – 25 years. Sometimes, you may need to replace your roof earlier due to extreme weather conditions and severe damage. After surviving many storms, shingles go missing, and weather may cause them to curl up over time. When you start noticing signs of wear and leaks, it becomes unavoidable to replace your roof. However, not all roofing contractors are the same. So, to protect your home and investment, finding a reliable, experienced, and honest professional is necessary.

If you want first-rate, cutting-edge roofing services, there are some qualities to look for in a roofing contractor. Here are the top 5 rates to look for in the roofing contractor to protect your home and wallet.

1. Licensed & Insured

The first quality of a reliable roofer is license and insurance. While searching for a roofing contractor, consider only those licensed to do the job. You should conduct background checks to determine whether the government registers them. Hiring a contractor who is not licensed may land you in legal trouble. In addition to the license, insurance coverage is necessary to protect your interests. The commercial contractor you intend to hire should carry a comprehensive insurance cover for their workers to protect you if any worker suffers injuries while working at your premises. In addition to this, they should also cover damages that might happen at your property during the installation process.

2. Expert & Experienced

Roof replacement is a significant investment, so you can’t risk hiring an inexperienced professional. An expert roofing contractor will have all the necessary certificates and membership of roofing associations. This ensures the company is well-versed with the latest roofing technology and abides by industry rules and conduct codes. Moreover, the roofer should also have several years of experience in the business. If a roofer has been in business for several years, they have worked on several houses, buildings, and structures. This will give you peace of mind that they can handle your project.

3. Testimonials & Positive Reviews

To know how reliable contractors are, look at their online reviews. You should check the reviews and testimonials of the roofing company to understand what the customers have to say about their work performance. You may also look at their work portfolio to see what the final job looked like. The reviews and business ratings will tell you if the contractor has done the job on time, the quality of their services, and their workers’ skills.

4. Variety of Services

Another quality of a roofing contractor is the variety of services offered. An established roofing company will offer different types of roofs and provide numerous roof-related services. This will give you options for choosing products according to your preferences and budget, such as economical asphalt or aluminum shingles with a lifetime transferable warranty. The contractor will also provide roof repair, soffits and fascia installation, leak repair, and more.

5. Warranties & Guarantees

A trustworthy roofing contractor will offer a decent warranty for your shingles and the labor. When hiring a professional, ask what type of warranties and guarantees they offer on the products and installation. The contractor should give you a warranty and project estimate in writing.